Mary Poppins JR - March 01 - March 02, 2019

J.P. Case Middle School

     Director's Note   



     Our story begins with the Banks Family, and their rather boisterous children. Jane and Michael have just run off their sixth nanny in the past four months, and the house is in distress. Mr. Banks asks Mrs. Banks to write an advertisement for a new nanny, but Jane and Michael also write an advertisement for the type of nanny that they would like.  As if by magic, Mary Poppins enters the home and the children are pleasantly surprised at their new and mysterious nanny. She is just the type of nanny the children asked for. Along the way, Mary Poppins introduces them to Bert, a friendly chimney sweep, talking statues, helpful honeybees, Mrs. Corry, an eccentric shop owner and many more fun characters. Through their adventures and time together, Mary Poppins teaches Jane and Michael the importance of values, morals and having fun. Before they know it, the Banks Family realizes that Mary Poppins has given them exactly what they have needed all along: the realization of how important family is. This story will take you on a “Jolly Holiday” and help you to remember that “Anything can happen if you let it”.


     We hope you enjoy the “Twists and Turns” of this “Practically Perfect” musical.


Colette Baills, Rose Nagy & Megan Krukowski

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