Annie Jr. - June 11 - June 12, 2021

James Wilson Young Middle School

 End Notes 

We are extremely proud of this production. The commitment of this cast, their determination to create and put on this show and all of their hard work has culminated in a fabulous experience. They have overcome many obstacles in this "interesting" year. The rehearsal process and overall shifts in an ordinary production have been taken in stride. They showed up at every rehearsal smiling and eager to get to work...


It is because of the determination and patience of Mr. Andruszkiewicz, Mr. Weber and Dr. Hearney, along with the support from SEA-BBS all along the way, we present to you today ANNIE, JR. live and in person and also through LIVE STREAM.  


Five weeks was all we had to cast, choreograph, block, build, paint and find!  Many moms, dads and local businesses stepped in to help create this amazing show!  We could not have done it without them.


It was a pleasue to work with each and every one of these 24 amazing cast members. Since we did not have our production last year, for many (70% of this cast) this has been their first opportunity to "walk the boards" as we say in the theatre.  They rose to the challange coming prepared and asking all of the right questions.  They took on this challange without even knowing if there would be a performance at the end; doing it simply for the love of theatre!  



Our wish for all of you is to take the experiences you were taught here and use them in your everyday life outside of the theatre.  

*Always come prepared!  

*Learn to speak and listen!  

*Allow yourself to be vulnerable!  

*Try new things, you may surprise yourself! 

*If you are having fun and smiling, the world will smile back. 

*When you walk in a room, or on stage be present and have a purpose.

*Trust your instincts!

*Never stop creating!  

*Never stop believeing in yourself!  

We hope we have sparked an interest and love for the theatre, with this experience. It is our hope that you will continue to perform, even when you leave JWY. 


TO OUR 8th GRADERS- we are so proud of the work you have done these past few years. Our time with you, in the theatre, has been just incredible; watching you grow from timid 6th graders to invaluable, confident 8th graders; can't wait to see you on the stagfe at the HS and watch how you contiue to grow creatively. You have all become stars, so shine brightly!


The most important lesson we'd like to leave you all with is this...

You're never fully dressed without a smile!   


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