The Little Mermaid - November 16 - November 19, 2023

Jamestown Community Theatre


Production Team  
Co-Director/Artistic Director Emerita  
Mary Schachtel Wright  
Co-Director/Artistic Director  
Ricky Martin  
Stage Manager  
Eileen Donnelly  
Music Director/Accompanist  
Walter Sage  
Vocal Coach  
Leah Murthy  
Choreographer/Hair & Makeup  
Amanda Del Vecchio Rocheleau  
Additional Choreography  
Charlene Ellsworth-Reed, Peter Finch
Producer/Prop Coordinator  
Janet Schachtel  
Producer/Business Manager  
Iris Bohensky  
Costumer Cooridnator  
Janice Bell  
Costumer Cooridnator  
Laura Goldstein  
Costumer Cooridnator  
Lee White  
Set Design, Construction, Painting  
Maryann England  
Set Design, Construction, Painting  
Steve Farrelly  
Lighting Design  
Katie Nixon  
Sound Design  
Christian Lazen-Bernardt  
Set Construction and Painting  
Erica Connelly  
Set Construction and Painting  
Mike Foster  
Set Painting  
Willow Hauver  
Set Construction and Painting  
Jim Rafferty  
Spotlight Operators  
Dylan Brine, Norah Donaldson, Vivian Flaherty
Brenda Young  
Ami Fields  
Anthony Soscia  
Headshots, Photo Board, Photography  
Shannon Hammond  
Poster Design  
Cynthia Blair  
Hair and Make-up  
Ana Raynes  

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