Big Fish - April 12 - April 14, 2018

Jamestown High
Jamestown High School Theatre


Music by

Andrew Lippa

Lyrics by

Andrew Lippa

Book by

John August

Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the

Columbia Motion Picture written by John August

Musical Production Rights Through Theatrical Rights Worldwide, Inc







Peyton Herndon

Ben Helbert




Jack Cherry


Jacob Oman            Belle Long





Ben Paulk

Kayla Toliver



Assistant Producer

Devin Hill


Production Assistant 

Jasmine Willis

Production Stage Manager

Caroline Hall


Technical Director

Devin Hill



Assistant Producer

Tori Ashton


Assistant Stage Manager

Hannah Heath 


Red, White, and True Tap Choreograper

Chris Ullestad



J. Harvey Stone



Andrew Shield 


Vocal Director

Laurel Christensen


Director & Choreographer

J. Harvey Stone



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