Little Women - January 28 - February 06, 2022

Janesville Performing Arts Center


Crew Members  
Callie Schouten  
Vocal Director  
Laura Schuler  
Nathan Burkart  
Stage Manager  
Alexis O'Connell  
Assistant Stage Manager/Props  
Raechel Tomes  
Scenic Artist  
Crystal Gavin  
Costume Design  
Elizabeth Armstrong, Kathy Bitter
Technical Director  
Mike Stalsberg  
Hair & Makeup  
Amber Fornstedt  
Lighting Designer  
Justin Tillitt  
Set Design  
Jim McCulloch, Mike Stalsberg
Set Construction  
Jim McCulloch, Alec Holt, Tony Hanson, Justin Tillett, Raechel Tomes
Backstage Crew  
Leah Kuelz, Dave Bitter, Melanie Morgan, Nathan Burkart
Production Assistant  
Caitlyn Dickman  
JPAC Box Office  
Karen O'Leary, Sherilyn Aures



  • JPAC Board of Directors
  • Beloit Civic Theatre
  • Parker Arts Academy
  • Sun Prairie Civic Theatre
  • Theatre Unlimited, Inc.
  • RO Productions
  • Michael Kelly
  • Karen Tordera
  • Whitewater High School Drama department
  • Residents of Marshall Apartments

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