Harvey - February 23 - March 09, 2024

Jedlicka Performing Arts Center


Cast Members  
Myrtle Mae Simmons  
Gina Sanfilippo  
Veta Louise Simmons  
Linda Cunningham  
Elwood P. Dowd  
Mac Westcott  
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet  
Lynda Gaug  
Ruth Kelly, R.N.  
Jamie DePaolo  
Duane Wilson  
Anthony Crespo  
Lyman Sanderson, M.D.  
Gabe Ozaki  
William R. Chumley, M.D.  
Colton Schied  
Betty Chumley  
Laura Fudacz  
Judge Gaffney  
Laura Noigebauer  
E.J. Lofgren  
Guillermo Rodriguez  
Production / Creative  
Jim LaPietra  
Stage Manager  
Jessica Lotz  
Assistant Stage Manager  
De La Torre  
Joelle Beranek  
Scenic Design  
Gary Dennis  
Casey Nussbaum  
Micheal Kott  


Time:  The Present?  1944



                          The Library Of The Old Dowd Family Mansion

                          The Reception Room Of Chumley’s Rest,


The play will be performed in two acts - There will be one 15 minute intermission

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