Curtains: School Edition - March 10 - March 12, 2022

John C Birdlebough High School



The JCB Drama Club is so very grateful to be able to put on our performance of Curtains for the 2022 musical season. After COVID-19 changed the landscape of public get togethers in March 2020, we were fortunate enough to perform last year's Into the Woods in May 2021. This year, we are even more aware of how the "normalcy" of attending a high school musical fits into the tapestry of everyday life. 


For this opportunity, there are countless people to thank. Our Phoenix Chorus and Drama Boosters - every single parent and member who makes the gears turn and the events happen - we owe you everything. Boosters President Greg Hawthorne and "First Lady" Michele Hawthorne, Vice President Marie Franke, Secretary and Treasurer Lisa and Jim Hagg - you have kept the soul of this program going. Past President Rick Van Gorder and Props Coordinator Angela Van Gorder have also continued to contribute valuable hours. 


Our Phoenix Central School District Administration, led by the inimitable Superintendent Mr. Christopher Byrne, has always had our best interests in mind. We thank the Administration for their collective support.


The John C. Birdlebough High School Administration - Principal Thomas Bailer, Assistant Principal Patrick Fitch, Academic Dean Helen Abbott - your belief in our program and our kids is unparalleled. We also have the most amazing and patient support staff - Michelle Rudy, Cindy Lees, Adam Schmidtmann, Bridget Arnold - and we hope you realize how much you mean to us. 


Paul Harris, Adam Painter, and the entire JCB day and evening custodial staff deserve a huge round of their own applause. Their dedication and attention to our needs and details keeps everything running smoothly.


The Phoenix Central School District Board of Education has always delivered unending support and encouragement. This year's members - Earl Rudy, James Brooker, Jim Graham, Wayne Halstead, Kate Kehn, Cliff Pelton, Jeffrey Slater, Robert Southworth and the late Diana Cook - are exceptional role models and mentors. 



Finally, to Brian -

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts."

The house lights may be dimmed for the last time, but your shadow will always be around each corner and your legacy is indelible in this auditorium. 

Thank you. 


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