Clue - May 22 - May 23, 2021

John Champe HS

 End Notes 


Dear Avalon Family, 


Thank you so much for tuning in for this virtual production of Clue! Your support means the world. When this year began, we knew we would have to be navigating the stage in ways we never expected and the challenges kept building, but I am beyond impressed with my students' dedication and energy to keep moving forward. When we began planning our spring season, and we knew we would be allowed hybrid options, we were beyond excited, but we also wanted to make sure we honored and helped to connect with our students who would be unable to participate in hybrid options, so we made the decision as a company to pursue two mainstages and Clue became our virtual option! 

    Clue is such a fun show! With it's dry wit, silly plot structures and dynamic characters, it is a challenge and a laugh to direct and perform no matter the platform. Our students worked tirelessly to help bring this story to the stage and I hope you will appreciate their performance and their willingness to overcome difficulties with tech issues and more. We even had a student in rehearsal at 4am in India for several weeks which was a real adventure! 

          As always, with any show, there are a ton of people to thank. First off, thank you to our amazing JCHS Admin who have allowed me to figure out the ropes and make strides forward into very unknown territory. Their unwavering support gave us the foundation to find this new path. Thank you to our Theatre boosters who support us on every step, and help me to think outside the box or honestly, cheer us on to keep moving forward. Thank you to the Fine Arts Admin who helped to support us financially in a very tough year. Thank you to Sarah Anderson who volunteered to be an extra set of eyes and ears with the current restrictions which would make it impossible to film with everyone together otherwise. Thank you to my awesome family. You all deal with me ranting late into the night, yet we made it. Summer is coming, I promise. 


And finally, thank you dear Patron. Your support this year has helped keep our lights on and our smiles under the masks still growing. 


Stay Safe and Well, 


Nicki Cabaniss, Director 

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