The Little Mermaid - November 15 - November 17, 2023

John Marshall High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Juliet Palos head shot

    Juliet Palos

    Assistant Director

  • Vivian Robledo head shot

    Vivian Robledo

    Stage Manager

    Vivian Robledo is a Junior at Marshall LMS.  This is her 4th production, her favporites being Stage Managing for this production, and Running Crew & Props Master for Alice in Wonderland as a Freshman.  She’d like to thank her family and friends for being the best, and a big thanks to Mr. Poer and Mrs. De Leon for this opportunity.

  • William Terry head shot

    William Terry

    Assistant Stage Manager

    William Terry is a Senior at Marshall.  This is his first show with Marshall Theatre.  They would like to thank the directors for being so on top of things throughout this production.  Thanks for coming to and enjoy the show!

  • Raquel Lanctot head shot

    Raquel Lanctot

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Raquel is a Sophomore at Marshall.  She is a very responsible, respectful, loyal, trustworthy, patient, and a kind human being.  She really loves helping others when it’s needed by anyone---so being a stage manager is a perfect fit!  Thanks for coming and enjoy the show!

  • Achilles Flores-Gutierrez head shot

    Achilles Flores-Gutierrez

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Achilles Flores-Gutierrez is a Freshman at Marshall. This is his 1st show with Marshall Theatre. He would like to thank his family for supporting him and the company. Thanks for coming and enjoy the show!

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