Matilda - March 13 - March 15, 2020

Joliet West High School


I am grateful for so many individuals that have been a part of making a musical. 


A special thanks to Lori Bowen, Melanie Brsan Villasenor, Peter Lipari and the pit players, Elizabeth Darlin, Brian Rice, Mario Salerno, Chuck Simmons, Mark Richardson, James Newby and all those who worked on set, Kathryn Crumbaugh, Miriam Richardson, Gail Crino, Karen Newby, Kate Richmond, Wendy Wyss, Helen Fry, Kaitlyn Gibson, Laura Klima, Penny Berry, and all those who worked on costumes. 


To Stephanie Henson and Professional’s Choice Hair Design Academy for help with makeup and being flexible with so many talented students.  To Hannah Konieczny for the beautiful headshots, Jim Studer and the fine people at Fast Printing in Joliet, Dale Owen for the work on sound production.


To Darcy Bowen for her tremendous troubleshooting abilities, Rick Bain and the administration at Joliet West High School, Jeff Minott and the men and women in the maintenance department, Helen Fry, Kristine Schlismann and Isabel Gloria for working on promotion. Scott Slocum for interviewing us on WJOL and helping promote our show.


To Kaitlyn Stearn and Music Theater International for their help with the licensing of this show.  To the Choir Parent's Organization including our officers: Laura, Jen, Karin, and Barbie, and last but certainly not least, Lydia Richardson and Mary Dixon, thank you for your many hours of thankless service!




Please note:  Video or audio recording of this program is strictly prohibited.


If you'd like to know more about Roald Dahl, please see his website:

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