Moana Jr. - May 19 - May 21, 2022

Kilgore Gifted Center

 End Notes 

Notes from the director


I am so thankful to have worked with this AMAZING group of kids! This production has been an amazing experience and I hope all of our audience members feel the same way! Thank you for letting me spend so much time working with your kids to make this happen! 


8th graders:

Antwan- I am amazed by your talent and abilities daily. I hope you shine on stage and never stop!

Josie- You are the kindest person I have ever met! You are always cool and confident in every situation and I know you will go far! 

Kaleb- Where do I even start?!?! You have been a vital part of Kilgore Gifted Centers since I have been here! You are involved in EVERYTHING! You have left your mark on this school. 

Kaylee- Your dedication is awesome. You are always willing to fill in whenever needed and do what it takes to help make this show successful. 

Alena- You are the first student who I have let both act in a show and also direct the art. This speaks highly of your talent and organizational abilities! 

Imani- You are such a great performer! You have really come out of your shell and have developed a wonderful stage presence! 

Arri- Thank you for EVERYTHING! You are willing to do so much more than what is required of you and find creative solutions for every problem. 

Maddison Tatum Harper- It's crazy to think that this is the first show you have done with me! You are a great leader and will do great things! 

Madelyn- Thank you for always being cheerful and kind! You are willing to do anything I ask with a great attitude. 

Hailey- I am so glad you decided to make Moana your first show, even though you are in 8th grade! It was wonderful working with you and I hope you continue to do theatre. 

Navaeh- Thank you for spending the last three years working with me in different classes and shows! I loved getting to have you every year. Good luck in high school! 

Ary'an- It is CRAZY how much you have matured over the three years that I have known you! You have grown up into such a mature and talented young woman. I can't wait to see how you conquer high school. 

Dasani- You are another student who has spent your entire middle school experience working with me! I will miss you so much! 

Lily- You have improved SOOOOO MUCH! It is crazy to think about how far you have come with your singing and acting abilities. Good luck! 

Lilly- thank you for always stepping in wherever I need you! You are someone I know I can rely on when I am in a pinch. 

Geo- Thank you for always being so involved with the arts here at Kilgore! You are so much fun to have in class and at practice. I will miss your energy. 

Kyle- Thank you for the hard work you have put into theatre and chorus this past year! You have become such a dedicated student and I hope you continue throughout high school. 

Darcy- I appreciate your willingness to try ANYTHING! I know I can put you in any role and you will be amazing. 

Boston- You have been my right-hand man! This production could not have happened without your hard work and dedication. You have an amazing set of skills that will take you far in life.

Trey- Thank you for taking a strong interest in the technical side of theatre. You have done a great job on the shows you have helped with this year.

Torrie- You have been a wonderful asset to the show and I have appreciated all of your helpfulness. 

Jocelynn- Thank you for your dedication! Your job is so important but I know it can be tedious but the show would not be possible without you always being on task. Thank you!!! 

Yazmine- Same as Jocelynn, this show wouldn't have been possible without you doing sound. 

Teagan- Your creativity never fails to amaze me! You have so many ideas and are capable of doing so many different things. I can't wait to see how your use this creativity in life.

Scarlett- Thank you for always being so responsible with everything backstage. You have a lot of things to do but always make time to help with our productions. 


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