NARNIA The Musical: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - July 22

LBM Productions


Overture - Narnia  
White Stag, Fox, Fenris, Ryweth
Marbleton Manor, England Early 1940's
Doors and Windows  
Professor, Susan, Peter, Lucy
Narnia, Winter
Turkish Delight  
White Witch, Dwarves, Cruelies, Edmund
You Can't Imagine  
Tumnus, Lucy
The Ancient Prophecy  
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver
Turkish Delight - Reprise  
Witch's Orders  
White Witch
At Last It's Christmas!  
Father Christmas, Mr. & Mrs. Beaver, Peter, Susan, Lucy, Narnians
The White Stag Brings Spring  
White Stag
Narnia, Spring
Wot a Bit a' Spring Can Do  
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver, Peter, Susan, Lucy, Narnians
There will be a 15 minute intermission.
Narnia, Spring
Murder Today Reprise  
Fenris, Ryweth, Dwarves, White Witch, Cruelies
From the Inside Out  
Edmund, Aslan
Narnia, The Stone Table
Deep Magic  
White Witch, Dwarves, Fenris, Ryweth, Cruelies
A Field of Flowers  
Susan, Lucy, Mr. & Mrs. Beaver, Narnians, Aslan's Army
To Make The World Right Again  
Aslan, Aslan's Army, Narnians
Marbleton Manor, Tea Time
You Can't Imagine  
Lucy, Susan, Peter, Edmund, Professor

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