Seussical - June 09 - June 18, 2023

Lake Tahoe Community College

 Director's Note 

Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka. Dr. Seuss) has thrilled me for as long as I remember reading. I enjoyed his stories for their wildly imaginative creatures, fantastic settings & fun-to-say phrases, but it wasn't until I began reading his books to my own children that I realized there were also valuable 'lessons' planted within.


The Lorax (published six months after the EPA was formed) encourages taking personal responsibility for your environment and gives us a glimpse of the wonders we may lose forever if we prioritize profit and product over long-term thinking. The Sneetches teach the folly of discriminating based upon mere physical appearance (a star on a belly) and how distancing oneself from another group leads to the indistinguishable bankruptcy of all. Radically relevant to our present times (but published in 1961), the North-going Zax and South-going Zax refuse to budge in their convictions. Standing up for themselves leads to an interminable standoff. Unable to entertain compromise—to take a single step to one side or the other—the rest of the world builds a highway around them, rendering the Zax and their dispute irrelevant to life that moves on.


These are the kindnesses that I want written into my own children’s hearts; what I hope becomes baked into their character. I've found no one like Dr. Seuss who can break down so artfully how a diverse, tolerant community built upon mutual respect benefits everyone. And no one puts it out there so simply (yet powerfully) how stupid it is to think a Think otherwise.


This ensemble—directors, cast, crew, designers—has formed its own microcosm over the last eight weeks. Several here are family members performing together for the first time. For the next couple hours, we invite your family to merge with our experimentation, our creativity, our labor of love.


It has been a joy for me to direct these kind and talented people. It is my sincere hope that this performance also brings a measure of that joy to you. And that lifting Seuss off the page resonates within our South Lake Tahoe community.





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