Lake Travis High School


Special Thanks


The Lake Travis Theatre Department would like to thank the following:


LTISD Superintendent Paul Norton


LTHS Principal Debbie Garinger


Director of Fine Arts & Academic Enrichment Charles Aguillon


Technical Theatre Classes of Mr. Bartosh & Mr. Stahlecker


Photographer April Paine for the beautiful headshots and show photos.

Photographer John Gutierrez for show photos.


Theatre Arts Boosters


CraigO’s Pizza & Pastaria for feeding our kids


Office Depot for their patience with printing all of our posters, postcards, and Playbills.


Stokes Sign Company for the banner


The Theatre Arts and Technical Theatre parents who helped feed the cast and crew


Playbill Crew: Monica Joran, Karla Swann, April Paine, Tony Iannitelli


All TAP Board Members for their endless support.

Monica Joran - President TAP

Denise Ray - Vice President

Karla Swann - Vice President 2 (Business sponsorships)

Jenn Little - Secretary


And finally, all the parents and staff of Lake Travis High School who support and encourage our theatre kids!

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