The Odd Couple - November 11 - November 13, 2021

Lampeter-Strasburg School District


Crew Members  
Mrs. Susan Rettew  
Technical Director  
Mr. Ethan Moore  
Logan Coder, Josh Klein, and Chad Royer
Backstage Tech  
Drew Wagner
Brandon Coder and Jake Poyer
Stage Manager  
Jordan (Zoe) Dilling  
Stage Manager  
Kira Fritz  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Rocco Coates  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Michael Hayes  
Set Painting  
Mrs. Meg Lau  
Set Painters  
Jordan Dilling, Kira Fritz, Michael Lau, Jaylyn Pearson, Cyan Rodriguez, and Maggie Swarr
Set Construction  
Mr. Scott Cantrell  
Mr. Adam Zurn  

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