Disney's Aladdin JR. - June 07 - June 10, 2018

Lanai Academy of Performing Arts


Act 1 Musical Numbers  
Overture/Arabian Nights  
Genie, Ensemble
One Jump Ahead  
Kassim, Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Ensemble, Guards
One Jump Ahead (Reprise) / Proud of Your Boy  
These Palace Walls  
Isir, Manal, Rajah, Jasmine
Friend Like Me  
Genie, Tap Dancers, Ensemble
Act 2 Musical Numbers  
Prince Ali  
Babkak, Omar, Kassim, Genie, Ensemble
A Whole New World  
Aladdin, Jasmine, Ensemble
High Adventure  
Omar, Babkak, Kassim, Ensemble
Prince Ali (Reprise)  
Jafar, Iago, Ensemble
Full cast



Lana'i Academy of Performing Arts  

Mission Statement


Our goal is to create a safe environment outside of school where students can explore their creativity and feel a sense of acceptance and belonging while learning valuable life-skills.


We strive to utilize innovative methods to teach presentational skills while enriching the local community. 





LAPA as a 501(c)3


The Lana'i Academy of Performing Arts earned its non-profit status in April of 2017. Since then, LAPA has received numerous grant awards and donations, allowing us to continue quality after school arts education on Lana'i. 


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