GREASE - September 23 - September 25, 2022

Las Cruces High School

 Who's Who 

  • Bee Reyes head shot

    Bee Reyes

    as Danny/Crater Face

    Bee is a senior at LCHS and our Thespian President! They have been in theatre for the past five years. They are really excited to be playing Danny, and even more excited to start their journey to University and becoming a famous director/Producer!

  • Melina Acosta head shot

    Melina Acosta

    as Sandy

    Melina is a senior and has been in theatre for three years. She doesn't know what to do after high school, but being a Veterinarian (maybe a singing one!) is a possibility!

  • Kendra Sarabia head shot

    Kendra Sarabia

    as Rizzo

    Kendra is a senior this year. She started in theatre her freshman year. She has been in several productions, Beauty and the Beast, The Addams Family to name a few. She plans to continue her acting career after high school...she also forgot to mention she is an amazing dancer and singer.

  • Ellie Griffith head shot

    Ellie Griffith

    as Frenchy

    Ellie is a senior and has been in theatre for 6 years. She loved working with everyone in the Grease cast and crew, and meeting new people. She's sad that this will be her last year in high school but can't wait to tryout for the spring production.

  • Kimberly Burgos head shot

    Kimberly Burgos

    as Marty

    Kim is a senior who has been in choir for seven years has also participated in theater four years, and was last seen in Beauty And The Beast also has been in dance for four years she is very excited to be in this production

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