A Tale of Two Buttons - June 14

Leatherbound Productions

   Note from the Director   

When choosing a show to direct for this festival, I knew from the start that I wanted to work on A Tale of Two Buttons. This show spoke about many important issues facing women throughout history while also bringing to life the story of an unbreakable sisterly bond. 
I am fortunate to have had the chance to work so closely with the playwright Sarah Lina Sparks throughout this production. Her insight and knowledge of these characters helped shaped both mine and the cast’s view of this beautifully moving material.
When setting out to direct this show, I knew I wanted to focus on perspectives and the effect that they have on memories. The two sisters Kate and Louise see their lives and each other very differently and I wanted to capture that throughout the play. Each character has different opinions on the many major themes covered throughout this show that have become increasingly relevant in today’s times. 
I have felt so incredibly lucky to work with such an innovative playwright, dedicated cast, and wonderful creative team. Their support and hard work truly shaped the show you will be seeing tonight.
Thank you for coming out to see A Tale of Two Buttons and joining us for the Leatherbound NewWorks Festival! Your support of the arts in this community means so much!
- Lauren Stevens
Just a quick note: A Tale of Two Buttons is set in England, but after speaking with the cast and playwright, we ultimately decided not to use accents in this production. Due to the short rehearsal time, we would rather the actors focus on the words and performance rather than their speech. 

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