Clue - May 24

Lee V Pollard High School




I am so proud of all the hard work these wonderful students have put into this production. This was a challenging show to produce and you have all risen to the challenge. Thank you for your patience with all my crazy ideas and the constant promises of we will have it next class. 


When we first began, I acknowledged our non-traditional program and what we lacked in resources, we will make up for with creativity and enthuiasm. You have lived this out every day in my class and on the stage.


For my graduation seniors, I wish that I had more time with you to see what else you could do on stage and behind the scenes. I am going to miss you so much and look forward to hearing of your many accomplishments out in the real world. Go forth and be awesome!


For my juniors, you jumped in with both feet this year. I was so excited by what you did and what you could do next year. For those who are returning to their home school, I hope this isn't the last time you are on stage. For those who will be back, we're just getting started and I hope you like zombies.


Mr. Collins



Please congratulate the 2023 Inductees to the Lee V Pollard Theatrical Society:


-Roberto Alcantar

-Shaylee Ortiz

-Belle Bates

-Kim Castro

-Kayla Combs

-Courtney Guilliam

-Mel Osborn

-Knox Pham

-Alexis Ruiz Rodriguez



Special thanks to the following people, without whom, this production would not be possible:


-The Administration, Staff, and Faculity of Lee V Pollard High School

-The parents of our cast and crew

-Mr. Bates

-Mr. & Mrs. Collins

-Mrs. Ortiz (Norma's Laundry Service - 951.340.7311)


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