Mary Stuart - May 16 - May 18, 2018

Liahona Preparatory Academy

 A Note From The Director 

A 3-hour play!? Who would produce a 3 hour play?!  We would :)  And frankly, you're welcome!  Mary Stuart in it's original form is nearly 5 hours long!  We have taken on the task of cutting this beastly long play down to something a little bit more comfortable for your tush :) 


Mary Stuart is a classic piece of theatre originally written in German by playwright Friedrich Schiller in the early 1800's.  The version that we are using today was translated by his dear friend, Joseph Mellish, after he found the old script with missing scenes in Mr. Schiller's desk after he died.  This is the only translation or version of this show with those missing scenes.  The cast members of this show have put a lot of work into a dramaturgy display in the theater tonight and we encourage you to learn more before, after and during intermission.  Mary Stuart and Queen Elizabeth never actually met in real life.  This entire play is centered around a fictional meeting and how it may have gone. 


In order for Elizabeth to feel safe and free, she needs The Stuart dead.  However, she cannot do it herself as it would cause an uproar in her realm.  You will see in this show the great lengths she goes to in order to get everything that she wants.  We encourage you to pay very close attention however to the consequences of her actions.  Be careful what you wish for... 


                      "Tis little I have done: I could not save

        Your nobler part."

Jordan Long

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