Godspell - February 14 - February 16, 2019

Liberty High School


Crew Members  
Production Stage Manager  
Emily Mourning  
Stage Manager  
Alexis Hudson  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Jacqueline Pfeil  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Seth Whaley  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Kai Hagler  
Kateri Matzke  
Publicity Crew Chief  
Angela Allen  
Bobby G Photographer  
Tyler Campbell  
Rehearsal Video/Photo Director  
Milea Crouch  
Set Crew Chief  
Katie Cully  
Hair and Makeup Crew Chief  
Faith Deason  
Costumes Crew Chief  
Katherine Gaughan  
Body Mic Crew Chief  
Dante Madise  
Props Crew Chief  
Alyssa Martin  
House Crew Chief  
Barbara Oliveira da Silva  
Body Mic Crew Chief  
Anna Totzke  
Paint Crew Chief  
Ashley Payne  
Lights Crew Chief  
Cameron Sheriff  
Costumes Crew Chief  
Marissa Weiss  
Sound Crew Chief  
Chevelier Wiggins  
Set Crew  
Tyler Allison, Tyler Greene, Alyssa Martin, Ashleigh Parish, Robin Sanders, Logan Scarborough, Fred Williams, Seth Whaley
Film Crew  
Mary Allen, Jenna Kondracki, Reece Loomis, Hannah Person, Marcus Romero
Paint Crew  
Vienna Andre, Alexis Austere, Cheyanne Baratti, Ciara Bolling, Chianna Burdin, Maddi Collins, Mady Craver, Vanessa Johnson, Barbara Oliveira, Elleanna Paschal-Phillips, Javier Popoca, Jenna Tandy, Kate Vasquez
Lights Crew  
Mary Allen, Rachael Baize, Megan Hennessey, Tae Davenport

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