Help Desk - November 20 - November 21, 2020

Linganore High School

 Who's Who 

  • Grace Truedson head shot

    Grace Truedson

    as ANGEL

    This is Grace’s 7th Show she’s acted in and her 3rd show she’s participated in at LHS. She’s more than excited to be a part of the show and she’s so happy it was made possible during this difficult time. She would like to thank her family and friends for always supporting her, and the creative team for shedding some light on the Drama Department during this difficult time.

  • Promise Green head shot

    Promise Green

    as JERALYN

    This is Promise’s first time participating in a production in way shape or form. She is 15 and just transferred from Urbana High School  She is a military child and has lived all over the world. Her favorites have been Honolulu, Hawaii and Yokosuka, Japan. Her favorite things to do are read, play soccer and basketball, and spend time with her family.

  • Hannah Plyler head shot

    Hannah Plyler


    Hannah Plyler is a sophomore, and this is her second casting but first performance at Linganore. She is overjoyed that Linganore could have a fall play, and is grateful for the role she was given. She also wants to thank Smitty and Mr. Lake for their tireless efforts for finding a way to produce a performance this year.

  • Zoe Reid head shot

    Zoe Reid

    as TANNER

    Zoe Reid is a junior at LHS this year. She is very excited to be playing Tanner in this virtual play! Zoe has previously acted in the LHS show “IAWL” and would have been in “Newsies” too. Outside of theatre, she enjoys drawing and playing music.

  • Malia Smaha head shot

    Malia Smaha

    as TALULA

    Malia Smaha is a 10th grader at Linganore High School this year. She is excited to be a part of her sixth show at Linganore and 22nd show ever. While things are very different this year, she hopes that you enjoy the show and continue to stay safe at home.

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