The Wiz - April 04

Longleaf Middle School


This year's production would not have been possible without the combined efforts of over 108 students_____ staff and faculty memberscommunity membersparentsand families.  We are so very thankful for your generous contributions of time, materials, mileage, late nights, schedule coordination, flexibility, and patience.  This production could not have happened without you.


Thank you, especially to:

Mr. Robert Jackson

Mr. Casey Ellisor


Mrs. Natalia Bostic

Ms. Destinee Chrobak

Mrs. Tamara Moss

Mrs. Daneen Perdue

Mrs. Whitney Weston


Mr. Kyle McMahon

Mr. Ashley Walker

Mrs. O. Patricia McCormick

Ms. Cemone Moore


Ms. Letiqua Bellard

Ms. Irma Richardson

Mrs. Cynthia Johnson and Stephanie Hopkins


The Administrative and Elective Teams of LMS

LMS Faculty and Staff

Dr. Wendy Campbell, Dr. Baron Davis, and Richland School District Two


The Gurman Agency


The families of the production team

Ben and Joan Yelverton


s, S, and j:

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