All Shook Up - July 16 - July 24, 2021

Los Gatos Youth Theatre

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LGYT's Artistic Director


Los Gatos Youth Theatre was founded in 2009 to provide performance opportunities for kids in Los Gatos and surrounding communities. Since then we've had our 10th anniversary season and we are looking forward to our 20th! We have presented multiple productions for various age groups, as well as performance day camps and theater craft workshops which provide the chance to develop key skills used in theater as well as tech theater, and of course our full scale productions for our Prelude, Reprise and Encore performers!


LGYT is a reality due to the contributions and support of our community and our awesome Board members! As a director here in Los Gatos for over 20 years, I am thrilled to continuously see such amazing support from our theater families, local businesses, and community leaders who see the value of investing in the performing arts and training these talented performers and tech kids! It has been a long journey back to live theatre, and like so many theaters we have made it by the skin of our teeth. We invite you to add your name to the list of contributors who have helped us make it back to LIVE theatre!


LGYT is THRILLED to present to you tonight....All Shook Up!


Enjoy the show!

Heather Stokes








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