All Shook Up Young@Part® - July 17 - July 23, 2021

Los Gatos Youth Theatre


Jailhouse Rock  
Chad, Company
Heartbreak Hotel  
Henrietta, Sylvia, Lorraine, Townfolk
C'mon Everybody  
Chad, Townfolk
Follow That Dream  
Chad, Natalie
Teddy Bear/Hound Dog  
Chad, Dennis, Sandra, Natalie
It's Now or Never  
Dean, Lorraine, Passengers
Love Me Tender  
Chad, Natalie
Blue Suede Shoes  
Ed, Chad, Dennis, Company
Don't Be Cruel  
Sandra, Ed, Statues
Can't Help Falling in Love  
Dennis, Sandra, Chad, Natalie, Dean, Lorraine, Company
Act II  
It Hurts Me  
All Shook Up  
Chad, Ed, Lorraine, Dean, Company
Devil in Disguise  
Matilda, Earl, Devilettes, Angelettes
Fools Fall in Love  
Natalie, Sylvia



The video or audio recording of this performance by any means is strictly prohibited.









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