Heathers The Musical - December 01 - December 03, 2023

MainStage Theatre LLC




Our daughter, Reese Yuska


Harold L. Richards High School


Concord Elementary and Cass Junior High 


Dr. Mike Jacobson


Gayle Wilson


Rebecca Kriz


Custodian Dan at Concord - WE LOVE YOU!  


Ms T.


Elizabeth Kritikos


Amber Mitchell


Hinsdale South High School


All Parents and Guardians of the Cast and Crew


Faye Heinrich

(Iowa Gurgles)




And to the teachers, now friends, who started Danny and Jason on their lifelong love of theatre and performance art, Mary Fasse-Shaw, Gary Zmolek, Barbara Guss, and Connie Hoekstra.



The cast & crew of this production attend the following schools:


Bolingbrook High School

Downers Grove North High School

Cass Middle School

Hinsdale Central High School

Hinsdale South High School

Lemont High School

Westlake Middle School


We are proud to bring together a wide variety of talent creating collaboration amongst young theatre lovers and lasting friendships.

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