Still Life With Iris - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Manchester Central High School Maskers

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Christian Swanson


    Christian Swanson is a freshman here at Central and this is his first production with Maskers. He has spent much of his time painting the set, finding props, and how to work McAllaster Hall’s lights and sound. Christian has enjoyed working on this show very much because he has met new people, learned new things, and found a new passion. On his other time he likes to be with friends, partake in band, and be with his family. He looks forward to staying part of Maskers in the future.

  • Edgar Maldonado

    Sound Board

    Edgar has been in Maskers for a year and a half. He is the sound guy when it comes to performances.

  • James Maitland

    James is very excited to be part of the tech team in his first Maskers production "Still life with Iris". In his free time James likes to sing, cook, decorate cakes, and do many other activities to express himself in artistic ways. He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Tony Pion

    Tony is ready for his 3rd show with Maskers. He is excited to be doing another show and really enjoys being in Maskers. He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Rosalia Yanes

    Rosie is a freshman at Central High School. It’s her first year of Maskers, as a techie. She is proud of being part of an amazing crew. She also enjoys to sing and dance. Enjoy the show!

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