Still Life With Iris - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Manchester Central High School Maskers

 Who's Who 

  • Sofia Mendes head shot

    Sofia Mendes

    as Iris

    Sofia is a sophomore at Central High School and Still Life With Iris will be her third show with Maskers. She has been acting since the sixth grade and her favorite roles include Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables and Amy March in Little Women. Sofia is excited to share the stage with such a talented cast and is proud of all the hard work everyone has put in to the show. She thanks you for supporting Maskers and hopes you enjoy the show.


  • Maryann Hurley head shot

    Maryann Hurley

    as Mom/Miss Overlook

    Maryann is a senior at Central and is thrilled to be doing her fifth show with Maskers.  Maryann is so grateful to the directing team and cast for creating such an amazing production. Enjoy the show!

  • Sam Colby head shot

    Sam Colby

    as Mister Matternot

    This is Sam Colby's third show with Maskers, though it is his second show being on stage. Usually, you'll find Sam either somewhere in the music department yelling obscure Spongebob quotes at the top of his lungs, hiding from his various responsibilities, or off in some random nook reading comic books... He has had a lot of fun working on the show and hopes you enjoy it!



  • Julie Mathieu head shot

    Julie Mathieu

    as Annabel Lee

    Julie is so excited to get back on stage for her third show with Maskers. She is a sophomore who hopes to someday become a professional actor. She has been acting since 1st grade and her favorite role so far was Timon in The Lion King. In her free time she loves to sing constantly and work on her writing. She wants to give a shout out to the best cast in the world, Masker’s fantastic tech crew, and of course her wonderful director. She looks forward to more Maskers shows!

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