Robin Hood - January 16

Manheim Central High School


Connor Axmacher: Great job Will Scarlet! So proud of all that you have accomplished Connor. Love Mom, Brent and Mom-Mom


Belle Bonanno: Belle, so excited to watch you perform in your first high school show! Break a leg! Love, mom and dad


Zoe Faulkner: "She believe she could and so she did." It's wonderful watching you on the stage playing a character so opposite of you and expanding yourself. We love you, Mum and Dad


Break a leg! Love, Abuela, Pa, and Uncle Tom


Break all of the legs! I can't wait to watch you play a bad guy (although I'm very jealous that you get to swordfight). I love you! Love, TJ


Lauren Huber: You amaze us, Lauren! So proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Marcus and Kate


Eve Sheaffer: Robin Hood famously said, "Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten." Eve, may you never forget this great experience and the enjoyment you have gained from it. Love you. Dad, Lisa and Anika.


Annalucia Valdez: En garde! We are always so proud of your effort and flare that you bring to each role! You are a shining star in whatever role you play, on stage and in life! TQM! Mom, Dad, Gabby and Ju-Ju


Your enthusiasm for your role is always so fun to watch. En garde!

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