SINGIN' IN THE RAIN JR. - May 07 - May 09, 2021

Maplewood Middle School


Cast Members  
Don Lockwood  
Mitchell Pressel  
Kathy Selden  
Zoe Zaslow-Braverman  
Cosmo Brown  
Kevin Roth Deves  
Lina Lamont  
Margaret McManus  
Dora Bailey and Kathy's Performer  
Sara Dybner  
R.F. Simpson and Don's Dancer  
Timothy Van de North  
Roscoe Dexter and Don's Dancer  
Owen Shubart  
Kate McManus  
Miss Dinsmore and Lucky Star  
Kaelyn Matsushita  
Diction Teacher and Don's Dancer  
Jonathon Cook  
Zelda Zanders and Lucky Star  
Rebecca Noll  
Policeman, Don's Dancer  
Earl Hart  
Fan 1, Audience Member, Don's Dancer  
Marcus Nunn Jr.  
Fan 2, young lady, Don's Dancer  
Claire Adams  
Pedestrian 2, Don's Dancer  
Audrey Haber  
Screening Guest, Don's Dancer  
Sammy Daley  
Screening Guest, Don's Dancer  
Miles Dybner  
Orchestra Leader, Cosmo's Cronies  
Charlie McGowan  
Dexter's Assistant #1, Cosmos' Cronies  
Oliver Gold  
Dexter's Assistant #2, Cosmos' Cronies  
Abe LaRocco  
Dexter's Assistant #3, Don's Dancers  
Sebastian Wright  
Cosmos' Cronies, Stagehand  
Michael Provenzano  
Broadway Melody Soloist, Lucky Stars  
Paige Provenzano  
Lucky Stars and Kathy's Pal  
Anaya Center  
Lucky Stars  
Vanessa Gerger
Sharon Chen
Sherry Chen
Ruby Hoffman-Werle
Kaitlyn Jordan
Khadijah Lane
Favour Okoli
Abby Schwartz

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