Legally Blonde The Musical - April 13 - April 14, 2018

Marathon High School

  From the Director...  


I would like thank everyone who has been a part of this wonderful production, from its inception through fruition. I am blessed to have wonderful friends, students (former and present) and community members who give of their time, their talents, their money, and their love. Without all of them, a production of this magnitude would not be possible. Before I acknowledge everyone else, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Thespian Troup 8126 charter member and 2017-18 president, senior Ariana Patterson for her complete and total committment to this show. Not only has she done an exceptional job in her lead role, but she has learned every part of every dance and song in this show and taught them to the rest of the cast.  She has helped select costumes, she has fundraised, and she has been to every single night of set building after rehearsal. I am so proud of you Ariana!  Thank you for your talent, your camaraderie and your dedication - even after I didn't let you talk me out of doing this show! 


I would also like to acknowledge MHS Grads, Thespian Troupe 8126 Charter members, Natalie Ehrig, Hannah Gracy, Eddie Hannah, Mackenzie Helms, Michael Macko, Claire McCarthy, and Autumn Tipsword who have all contributed to this production. The girls all assisted with auditions and casting. Claire and Natalie are selling tickets. Autumn is producing the show.  Hannah, Eddie, Claire and Natalie attended rehearsals during their college spring break - standing in absent cast members, working on set and costumes and choreography. Michael donated many of the fashion magazines for the show. It warms my heart to have their continued participation and friendship.


Set requirements for Legally Blonde far exceeded anything we had previously undertaken. I thank University of Florida MFA candidate William Yanni for his preliminary designs and for teaching us how to make rolling pallets. Steve Walters constructed all the pallets, designed and built the benches and the changing room.  The sorority house facade, Dewey's trailer and judge and witness stand/bathroom were designed by Tom Schwiebert. Jeff Tipsword directed set construction and has worked on this project three nights a week for the past 3 months starting with old set deconstruction in January. Parents and friends including Cathy Walters, Anneke Patterson, Jim "Boomer" Kelly, Rick and Karen Bisson, Lynn and Tom Schwiebert spent many nights helping construct and paint the set.  


Thank you to colleagues and friends who donated set, props and costumes: Jamie Buhyoff, Jessica Richard, Carl Bish, Sharon Helms, Sharon Sherman, Tina Belotti, Rita, Irwin, Jenn Mixon-Eick, Steve and Cathy Walters, Rick and Karen Bisson, Natalie and Marcie Ehrig, Claire McCarthy, Randi Sokoloski, Poco Pelo Chic Salon, and Marathon Community Theater. Home depot also contributed $100 worth of materials and Marathon Garbage Service contributed all the pink, black and white paint.  


Thank you to Lisa Tipsword who has fed me after many a late night set building session; to Marcie Ehrig who has continued to sell ads for the playbill and shop for costumes even though she no longer has a high school student; and to Jamie Buhyoff who has sewed buttons, made last minute alterations, and listened to me rattle on and on about this show since December.


Thank you to Principal Wendy McPherson and to auditorium manager Joseph Rayhill for supporting this production and to bookkeeper Dawn Fenner for the countless purchase orders, reimbursements, and keeping our accounts straight.


Ticket are being sold by Leslie Ryder, Lisa Tipsword, Zulma Perez, Calla Perez, Natalie Ehrig, Claire McCarthy, and Hannah Spears.  Thank you to Anneke Paterson for managing concessions and for enlisting the help of TJ Patterson, Cathy Walters, Jenn Mixon-Eick, and Jody Freeman.  


Special thanks to Thespian Sara Gonzales who took photos and uploaded bios for the playbill.  


Thank you to all the parents, teachers, and coaches of all the cast and crew for supporting their participation in Legally Blonde.  They all spend numerous hours here after school, on weekends and during break.  We could not have continued without your support.  


Finally, to my cast and crew - thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and talent. I love you all. Break a leg!   -Ms. Cox

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