Clue. High School Edition - November 15 - November 16, 2019

Marathon High School


As always, many acknowledgements are due to a myriad of people who helped make this production a reality. I will try to thank them all is some semblance of chronological order.

First, MHS Drama aluma Autumn Tipsword helped me audition and cast this wonderful group of actors.

Drama dad Rick Bisson built the skeleton of the set and was joined by drama Grandpa Tom Diezel bring the set to life. Rick even conscripted his friend Joe Ivey to assist in construction for several days. Among other things, cabinet maker Tom built the bookshelves, the fireplace, made the chair swivel, found and hung the freezer door and fixed couch and cat after they broke. I am very thankful that they chose to work during the school day, and I was able to leave school after rehearsal most nights! Karen Bisson painted the majority of the set, including the amazing tiled kitchen floor and the guilded trim on the rotating set. Artistic painting of the guilded chairs, kitchen wallpaper, scrim, and conservatory are the masterful work and design by Khendra Stanton. Many set pieces and props, including the vintage telephones (in addition to several costumes) are on loan from Marathon Community Theater. Dining room tables were hand crafted by drama dad emeritus Steve Walters and covered with cloths purchased “on the mainland” by drama mom emeritus Marcie Ehrig. Armor was designed by drama mom emeritus Cathy Walters and built by Steve Walters on the mannequin on loan from St. Columba’s Next to New Thrift Store. Drama dad emeritus Jeff Tipsword built the counter top and the concession girls boxes, and completed countless “oh, I’d really like…” finishing tasks. It is amazing how this group is so committed to our MHS students and their productions. They stick around after their kids have graduated, and they recruit their friends who don’t even have MHS students!

Sara Gonzales took all the profile pictures and uploaded them into this playbill (and hunted down all the stragglers).

Karen and Rick Bisson canvassed the town soliciting the majority of ads that paid for the printing of this playbill and our spring musical (TBD) playbill. Thank you to all of our advertisers!

My #2 son, Duncan McCarthy, spent a Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale purchasing the antique couch and my #1 son, Blake McCarthy, drove me up there to retrieve it so we would be able to practice on Monday.

Drama moms Jessica Richard, Cami Holdinga, Leslie Ryder, Jodi Gonzales, Kristin Reed, Stephanie Joy, and Christina Gonzales graciously agreed to sell tickets.

I thank my family and friends for their understanding that I tend to drop “off the grid” as show time approaches. I promise I will return your calls after the show.

Bookkeeper, Christina Gonzalez has kept the money flowing, between depositing checks, creating purchase orders, paying bills, and cutting reimbursement checks. I thank her for keeping up with all of my many orders.

I thank Principal Wendy McPherson and Assistant Principals Liz Logan and Christine Paul for supporting drama at MHS.

As I write this, it is two weeks before the show. Thank you to Cami Holdinga for proofing the kids' bios! I am sure that in the ensuing weeks, someone else will be deserving of my gratitude. For all of the help yet unknown, and to anyone I may have forgotten, I am in your debt.

To my cast and crew: First, thank you for convincing me that this was the show for us. I have enjoyed laughing through rehearsals more than you know. Second, I thank you for your persistence, your attention to detail, your willingness to be team players. I am so proud of each of you, whether you have been on stage, or building set, or prompting, or lighting the stage, or giving us sound cues. The understudies have made it possible to hold rehearsal when half the cast was out for band, or for work, or for sickness. We literally could not have done it without you. This is a team effort, and your team is strong. Break a leg cast and crew!

Ms. Cox

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