Disney's Beauty and the Beast - April 14 - April 16, 2023

Marathon High School


This is my last production with MHS Drama. There are more people to thank than I can possibly list here, but I’ll do my best.


Thank you to Reef & Cami Holdinga for their assistance judging auditions and agonizing with me to cast the best company for this show. 


I am indebted to Tom Diezel, Ray Rodriguez, Mike Horvat, and alumni parents Jeff Tipsword & Steve Walters (the men in my life :) who spent countless hours building and modifying sets and props. Thank you all for your years of service.


Thank you to the following individuals who were instrumental in constructing and obtaining costumes and props. Odalis Padron made the costumes for Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and Mme de la Grande Bouche. The magic mirror is on loan from Catherine Dunn who also procured the magic rose and Belle’s costumes. Maresa Casey made our wigs work. Costume designer, Samantha Schofield assisted by Sabrina Schofield designed outfits and matched them to characters. Additionally, many of the props and costumes are on loan from Marathon Community Theater thanks to Jeanette Gierula and Riet Steinmetz. 


This playbill was made possible through the efforts of Rylee Seligson who photographed and uploaded all of the headshots, and Nick Higgins and Carrollyn C. Cox (my mom) who proof-read the bios. Printing was funded through advertisements and student shout-outs.


Student directors Nicholas Higgins and Elise Dolton shared their vision of this production in addition to prompting and running rehearsals while I was otherwise occupied with set, costumes, and the obligatory drama in drama.


Thank you to the parents and friends, including but not limited to Della Rodriguez, Maricel Rodriguez, April Rasmussen, Cami Holdinga, Stephanie Horvat, Zulma Jimenez, George Lancaster, Odalis Padron, and Johnny Earnhardt, who volunteered to sell tickets and concessions, and to Catherine Dunn for organizing special donations, concessions and our cast party.


MHS Drama alumni are out in force this weekend, supporting our performance in body and in spirit. Thanks to Claire McCarthy, Autumn Tipsword, Ethan Quagliano and Eddie Hannah (’16), Hannah Gracy (’17), Ariana Patterson, Darya Albernas, and April Sullivan (’18), Shannon Pitchford, Jay Walters, Aaron Tipsword and Amber Romance (’19), Sara Gonzales, Mary Ryder, Reef Holdinga, and Patrick Daniher (’21), Sawyer Bisson, Charles Vaughn, Joseph Cabrera, Calla Jimenez, Dante Senmartin, and Raymond Paul (’22). Thank you. I love and miss you and all of my drama alumni.


I would be lost without the financial savvy of Christina Rodriguez who keeps all the money straight. Patti Bourcier facilitated volunteer registrations and access to the auditorium. I am thankful for the support of our administration: Dr. Wendy McPherson, Principal; Trevor Tyler, Assistant Principal; and Ja-Ronika Veldheer, Assistant Principal.


Cami Holdinga, drama mom, choreographer par excellence, and friend - how can I thank you? You have taken our musicals to a higher level. Thank you for all the hours you have spent watching videos, working out choreography, teaching (and re-teaching) the numbers, texting at all hours of the day and night about the vision for the show and how we can help the kids be their best, (not to mention scheduling and rescheduling your life and work so you can be here whenever we can get the stage). I have never had such an easy working relationship with another adult. We are always on the same page, and even if we aren’t, you adjust and make me think that we are. I will miss you my friend. 


To my cast and crew, I will miss you all. Thank you for always making rehearsal the best part of my day. Next year and always, whether you participate in drama or not, remember to do something creative - something that enriches your soul.  Break a leg!


Love always,

Ms. Cox


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