Peter and the Starcatcher - November 14 - November 17, 2019

Marriotts Ridge High


Act 1  
Scene 1: The Neverland- On Deck
Scene 2: Molly's Cabin
Scene 3: Bowels of the Ship
Scene 4: Bilge Dungeon
Scene 5: The Wasp- Captain's Cabin
Scene 6: The Neverland- Passageway
Scene 7: The Wasp- Captain's Cabin
Scene 8: The Neverland- Bilge Dungeon
Scene 9: On Deck
Scene 10: The Neverland and The Wasp
Act 2  
Scene 1: Mountaintop, Mollusk Island
Scene 2: Jungle
Scene 3: Mollusk Territory
Scene 4: Mister Grin's Cage
Scene 5: Beach
Scene 6: Jungle's Edge
Scene 7: Up the Mountain
Scene 8: Grotto
Scene 9: Moutaintop
Scene 10: Beach



For the Safety and Comfort of the Actors and Audience.... 


Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, and beepers. These electronic devices impede the function of the sound system. 


In accordance with State and County fire laws, there is to be NO SMOKING anywhere on HCPSS property.


NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind during the performance. 


Were cell phones already mentioned? Turn them off, please. Putting them on silent is NOT ENOUGH. Thank you for your cooperation and support!

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