The Unexpected Guest - April 17 - April 25, 2015

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Richard Warwick  
Laura Warwick  
Nicole Lynch  
Michael Starkwedder  
Kraig Lageschulte  
Miss Bennett  
Janine Campbell  
Jan Warwick  
Joshua Benda  
Mrs. Warwick  
Mary Jefferson  
Henry Angell  
Casey Cook  
Sergeant Cadwallader  
Kevin Lageschulte  
Inspector Thomas  
Doug Allen  
Julian Farrar  
Kevin Jensen  
Production / Creative  
Bill Roberts  
Assistant Director  
Jeff Harris  
Stage Manager  
Rick Gooding  
Production Assistant  
Sherry Kubalsky  
Stage Properties  
Rick Gooding  
Set Construction  
Kevin Lageschulte, Kevin Holubar, Kraig Lageschulte and Adam NcDonnell
Lighting/Sound Design  
Grant Gale  
Light Board  
Joseph Fisher and Chloe Whitehead
Sound Board  
Grant Gale  
Lisa Naig and Cast
Lynn Maas and Cast
House Manager/Ushers  
Peggy Schoer  
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell & Julie Kruse Brewer

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