The Fox on the Fairway - May 06 - May 14, 2017

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Scott Lindborg  
Zoe Harris  
Henry Bingham  
Stacy Heil  
Amy Van Holland  
Dickie Bell  
Matthew Gilgen  
Nicole Lynch  
Voice of Announcer  
Dave Engel  
Voice of Tramplemain  
Rick Gooding  
Voice of Chef Antoine  
Rick Gooding  
Production / Creative  
Dave Engel and Vanessa Engel
Stage Manager  
Barb Lageschulte  
Set Design/Construction  
Kevin Lageschulte  
Set Construction Crew  
Kevin Lageschulte, Kevin Holubar, Ken Rasumussen, Janel Lageschulte
Set Painters  
Kevin Lageschulte, Stacy Heil, Nicole Lynch, Amy Van Holland, Matthew Gilgen, Scott Lindborg, Zoe Harris, Zyrus Whitehead, David Engel and Vanessa Engel.
Stage Properties  
Rick Gooding, Barb Lageschulte, Peggy Schoer
Hair/Make-up Design  
Nicole Lynch  
Costume Design  
Lynn Maas and Mary Curley
Lighting Design  
Zyrus Whitehead  
Assistant Lighting Design  
Ken Walton  
Light Board Operator  
Brenna Porsch  
Sound Design  
Stacy Heil  
Sound Board Operators  
Grant Gale and David Jones
Publicity & Marketing  
Heather Lee  
Production Photographer  
David Foix  
Program Design  
Julie Kruse Brewer  

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