Deathtrap - February 23 - March 04, 2018

Marshalltown Community Theatre


Cast Members  
Sidney Bruhl  
Jason Vajgrt  
Myra Bruhl  
Amy Van Holland  
Clifford Anderson  
Geoffrey Stout  
Helga Ten Dorp  
Teandra Hausafus  
Porter Milgrim  
Bill Roberts  


 Study of the Sidney Bruhl Home

Westport, Connecticut - October, 1978


Act I

Scene 1: An afternoon - October, 1978

Scene 2: That Evening                         

    Scene 3: Two Hours Later                        


~ There will be a 15 minute intermission ~

Refreshments available in lobby


Act II

                                       Scene 1: Two weeks later, morning

                                       Scene 2: A week later, night

                                       Scene 3: A week later, afternoon





Director - Rick Gooding

Assistant Director - Becky Mounsdon

Set Design - Kevin Lageschulte

Set Construction -  Kevin Lageschulte, Janel Lageschulte,

Tim Fienup, Ken Walton

Stage Properties - Barb Lageschulte

Lighting Design/Operation - Frank Roessler

Sound Design/Operation -  Stacy Heil

Costume Design - Lynn Maas

Make-up/Hair Design - Nicole Lynch and Cast

Production Photography - David Foix

Publicity - Scott Lindborg & Nicole Lynch


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