The Butler Did It - April 27 - May 06, 2018

Marshalltown Community Theatre

  Cast & Crew 

Cast Members  
Raymond Butler (also Robert)  
Ken Walton  
Aldo, The Butler (also Michael)  
Scott Lindborg  
Angela Butler (also Natalie)  
Brittany Cobb  
Victoria Butler (also Claudia)  
Amy Van Holland  
Anthony J. Lefcourt  
Andrew Hughes  
Detective Mumford (also Sam)  
Josh Krough  
Production / Creative  
Nicole Lynch  
Assistant Director  
Janine Campbell  
Set Construction Crew  
Kevin Lageschulte, Kevin Houbar, Tim Fienup, Janel Lageschulte
Stage Setting/Properties  
Rick Gooding, Barb Lageschulte, Peggy Schoer
Sound Design  
Stacy Heil  
Sound Operation  
Nathan Bloomquist  
Lighting Design  
Scott Lindborg  
Lighting Operator  
Trey Quick  
Costume Design/Construction  
Lynn Maas & Cast  
Make-up/Hair Design  
Shelby Butcher  
Production Photography  
David Foix  
Scott Lindborg & Nicole Lynch  



1970's - An Apartment in New York City



Scene 1 - Early evening

             Scene 2 - The following morning

 Scene 3 - Later that day



                                            Scene 1 - Early afternoon, the next day

                                            Scene 2 - That night

                                            Scene 3 - The next morning

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