Disney's Beauty and the Beast - May 11 - May 12, 2018

Matignon High School


This production, perhaps the most ambitious Matignon Drama has presented, has been the collective effort of dozens of people. It would not have been possible without the devotion of the cast and crew or of all the supporters of the arts who helped us along on this journey. Special thanks to:


  • Mr. DiSarcina, Mrs. D'Angelo, and Mr. Welsh, for their continued support of Matignon Drama.



  • Mr. Peter Lochrie, for set design and building.




  • Ms. Hannah Cascio, for her beautiful set painting. 




  • The Winthrop High School Drama Department, for donating bookcases for our set. 




  • Mr. and Mrs. Coviello, for arranging and picking up the bookcases.




  • Ms. Danielle Clougher, for music directing.




  • Ms. Hope Ausiello, for choreography.




  • Mr. Kyle Olmstead of Olmstead Sound, for assisting with sound.




  • Mr. Dusty Miller and Mr. Frank Rushe, for building sets.




  • Mr. Cam Hadfield, for assisting with props and sets and for being "Drama Dad."




  • Mrs. Maureen Miller for assistance with costumes.




  • The O'Connell Family, the Rushe Family, Caren Sarno, Amy Lemieux, Maureen Berarducci, Elise Maher, and Andresa Ata for providing dinner during tech week. 

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