Rent - June 30 - July 09, 2023

May River Theatre

 MRT Board and Mission 


MISSION: May River Theatre is a nonprofit organization committed to engaging the Bluffton community through a breadth of quality theatrical performances that facilitate growth in both the production and understanding of the entire theatrical experience.


VISION: May River Theatre is the area community theatre that performers seek out when looking for productions that both challenge and showcase their full abilities, that new community members become involved in to build lasting relationships, and finally, MRT is the area community theatre that patrons attend who are interested in being entertained and challenged by a breadth of traditional and contemporary productions.





      President: Elizabeth Schlieger     


Vice-President: Christa Fortney


Treasurer: Jeff Corry


Jayme Brinson


Liz McGinnes


Ellie Friedman


Gregg Heppner


Cindy Palko



May River Theatre is a nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) IRS determination. All donations are tax deductable. Please visit our website for more information on how you can support May River Theatre and live theatre in the Bluffton Community.



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