Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical, JV - May 17 - May 19, 2024

McKinley School of the Arts


Notes From The Director


This production was AMAZING and quite possibly my favorite one YET! The profound message has held my heart since last year: "you're a cool kid because you are THERE!" The power of the young people walking McKinley's halls is unmistakable. I hope they remember that they "are the next generatioin of thought so [the world] better beware!"



  • Thank you to the drama class for creating and designing a beautiful set.


  • Thank you to Krystyn Stewart for bringing it to life.


  • Thank you to the backstage crew for being invisible yet strong.


  • Thank you to the returning cast for always bringing your A-Game and inspiring me. 


  • Thank you to the new cast and crew for believing in yourself and trusting the process. 


  • Thank you to Jacob Archuleta and Pasadena High School's Creative Arts, Media, and Design Academy (CAMAD) for printing the beautiful stickers, posters, banner, and playbills. Mr. Archuleta and the students of PHS ALWAYS do an amazing job.


  • Thank you to the parents of the cast and crew for their  support.


  • Thank you to Dr. Stewert, Mr. Harris, Karen Anderson, Ms. Beale, Mr. Bonoli, the custodial team, and the entire McKinley staff for your enthusiasm in supporting the McKinley Theater. 


  • Eternal thanks to Mr. Izzy; no one can teach a do-si-do and an imaginary guitar solo quite like you! :)


  • To Ms. Lacy: thank you for being an amazing mentor. Thank you for always being willing to share your wisdom. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I appreciate everything you do. 


  • To my wife and son: There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to you and for you. I love you both. You both are amazing beyond measure. Thank you for tolerating my *amazing* song remixes and supporting me through all of my ill-advised ideas. ;) 


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