Little Women - February 26 - February 28, 2021

Menlo-Atherton High


On behalf of the cast, crew, and production team of Little Women, we would like to express gratitude to:


Our fantastic director, Katherine McDonnell, for your impressive leadership, creativity, editing wizardry, and for playing fun songs at rehearsal.


Sophie Glinder, for your hard work as producer. But also, for your character workshops, which proved to be extremely fun, helpful, and eye opening to our cast.


To say that Sadie Almgren has played a valuable role in this show process is a huge understatement. She has organized auditions, rehearsals, character workshops, puzzles of schedules and zoom, all on top of being an overwhelmingly positive and friendly person. It was an honor and a blessing to work with her.


Alexandra Gonzalez and Kayli Smith, for all of your help with organzing and delivering costumes.


Danette Bathauer, for your guidance and support along the way. As well as Aaron Grinstead and Sharon Peng, for your help to our costumers. 


The friends and family of the Little Women cast and crew, for coming to see the show and the support along the way.


And last, but CERTAINLY not least, we want to recognize our cast. Not only for your amazing talent, but also your willingness to be open minded, creative, responsive, and patient during this very unconvential show process. 

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