Little Shop of Horrors - June 05

Merrillville High School Choir

 Who's Who 

  • Jarius Newman head shot

    Jarius Newman

    as Seymour Krelborn

    Jarius is thrilled to portray Seymour in LITTLE SHOP of HORRORS.  Last spring, Jarius was seen in MEMPHIS as Wailing Joe and the Saturday Night Trio.  Jarius made his RSMT debut last summer when he appeared as Jetsam in THE LITTLE MERMAID.  He is a member of the MHS Choralteens and Vocalteens choirs.    Jarius looks forward to other performance opportunities on the Reinhart Auditorium stage.  

  • Ja'Leah Walker head shot

    Ja'Leah Walker

    as Audrey

    Ja’Leah was last seen making a splash as in RSMT’s The Little Mermaid in 2019. Spring that year she played Felicia Farrell in the musical MEMPHIS. She was also seen on stage in Scrooge in 2018 and 2019.  She also spent her summer on this stage with RSMT's Hunchback of Notre Dame. Ja'Leah is also a member of the advanced choir, Choralteens and Vocalteens.

  • Andre Burns head shot

    Andre Burns

    as Mr. Mushnik

    Andre is an honors student, member of Thespian Troupe 1692, and an MHS Advanced Choir Choralteen and Vocalteen. Andre made his very first musical theater appearance in the musical MEMPHIS in 2019 as an ensemble member and dancer. He also spent his summer on this stage with RSMT's Little Mermaid as a sailor, and scaly octopus.  He was last seen on stage in RSMT’s Scrooge in 2019 as a party guest, caroler, ensemble member, and a dancer. He is excited and thankful for the opportunity to take the stage as Mr. Mushnik and looks forward to even more performance opportunities in the future.

  • Joshua Roberts head shot

    Joshua Roberts

    as Orin Scrivello

    Joshua first hit the stage in July 2019 for The Little Mermaid, playing such roles as sailor and chef. He is also a member of Merrillville High School’s advanced choir Choralteens and Vocalteen show choir.  Josh was last seen in Scrooge the musical in December 2019. Joshua loves the role of Orin and is ready for more opportunities in his high school career.

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