Noises Off - January 13 - January 29, 2023

Mesa Encore Theatre

 End Notes 

Nothing On, the play-within-a-play performed by the characters in Noises Off, contains a section where characters disguise themselves with household materials and are mistaken for people of Arabic descent. We attempted to make adjustments to this but were told by the licensing company that it would not be allowed and that that the depiction was not, in fact, offensive because it showed the flawed nature of the characters. By the time we received this feedback, rehearsals were already well underway. We struggled to decide what to do next with the resources we had. Ultimately it was decided that we needed to move forward with the show. Whether it's a joke or not, it is a depiction of a lazy and xenophobic stereotype, and the notion that someone's discarded junk can be mistaken for another culture's traditional clothing is disrespectful and ignorant. But the bit's inclusion is indicative of the time period in which it was written, and the attitudes many had. As companies across the nation continue to put on "classic" shows like Noises Off and so many others, we need to consider this. Much like when we put on a movie we loved as a kid only to find we can't stomach it as an adult, we all need to decide what we're ready to leave behind and what we aren't. We know that many people love Noises off for its mix of sharp wit and lowbrow humor. And it is a hilarious play, performed today by an exceptional cast who have worked very hard despite many challenges. We hope that you enjoy their performance tonight.

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