The Laramie Project - January 14 - January 16, 2021

Methacton High School Theatre Company


Crew Members  
Mary Fitzgerald  
Assistant Director/Video Production Editor/Dramaturgy  
Andrew Vitovitch  
Janet Hoehl  
Digital Set Designer  
Andrew Vitovitch  
Costume and Props Committee  
Mary Fitzgerald
Janet Hoehl
Graphic Artist: Posters, Playbill Cover  
Nora Alaishuski  
Costume Detail Painter  
Katherine Hoehl  
Angel Action Wing Builder  
John Hopf  
MHSTC Logo Designer  
Quintin Frey  
Janet Hoehl  
Opening Credits  
Janet Hoehl
Steve Hoehl
IT Support  
Mike Fitzgerald
John Hoehl
Andrew Vitovitch
Red Carpet Parent Volunteer Committee  
Kendra Alaishuski
Carol Davidson
Christine Donovan
Linda Fisher
Box Office Chairperson  
Janet Hoehl  


The Methacton High School Theatre Company

would like to thank the following individuals and organizations

for their generous donations and loan of props, costumes

or lobby decor for our production:


The Matthew Shepard Foundation


Firebird Theatre


Heidi Swartz


Corbett, Inc.



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