Murder Ballad - June 17

Mid-World Players

 End Notes 

A Note from the Director,



Bringing Mid-World Players to Los Angeles has been an absolute joy, and we are so excited and honored to have our production of Murder Ballad housed at Santa Monica Playhouse.  Since 2019, we have been mainly located in the Long Beach area, but after our previous home, The Found Theatre, was closed down to build more condos, we have been in search of a new home.  Along the way, in this search, we have found some great spaces to house our 2023 Season, until we find our permanent residency once again.  Mid-World prides itself on our team, our mission statement, and the promise to always provide a safe space for actors to be themselves and create art without having to contain their vulnerability.  Like many of our shows, this was brought to me by a friend of mine.  Before then I had never heard of it, but I'm glad that it was introduced to me.  It's been a perfect fit for Mid-World Players with its incredible score and its timeless storytelling.  One can identify with at least one or all four characters in the show with the decisions that are made or the outcomes that present themselves; A mirrored reflection of the neverending yearning and desire we face in such a cautionary tale.  We invite you to sit back and relax while we tell a tale where good does not prevail, up close and personal, inside the King's Club.  We hope you enjoy our production of Murder Ballad.



                                                                                       Jesse Seann Atkinson





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