GREASE - March 15 - March 18, 2023

Minooka Community High School


Special Thanks


Bob Svidron of Dupont Specialty Productions Division, Channahon Illinois – Donation of all the foam boards you see in most of the set construction.



Mr. David Grane - Picking up Costumes

The Dudsens - Returning Costumes

Dave Hancock, SBA - Newspapers

Ms. Anne Seidel—Tickets & Program

Mrs. Melanie Safarcyk—Program

Mr. Jason Piper, Head Custodian at Central Campus

MCHS Secretarial & Custodial Staff

Aubrey Knight, Community Relations

Choir Boosters for organizing the food for the cast, crew, and pit

All of the parents who donated food and/or cooked or helped serve for the cast, crew, and pit dinners, and those who made other donations in response to our requests

Trent Bontrager and students of MCTV

Grand Ball Costumes


Tamara and Glen Dorman for your many years of commitment to producing outstanding musical sets!!!




MCHS Board of Education

Mike Brozovich, President

Dustin Heap, Vice President

Laura Hrechko, Secretary

Deirdra Crye

James Grzetich

Matt Shepard

Terry Spivey


MCHS Administration Team

Dr. Robert Schiffbauer, Superintendent

Mr. John Troy, Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Jamie Soliman, Principal

Dr. Phil Pakowski, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Kristi Boe, Director of Human Resources

Mr. Joe Pacetti, Director of Student Services

Mr. Matt Wikoff, Asst. Principal

Mr. Kevin Murphy, Asst. Principal

Mr. Robert Tyrell, Athletic Director

Mrs. Hillary Holden, Activities Director




An extra special thank you to all those who have helped in any way to make this show a success.  We could not have done it without you!

--The Directors





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