MH Voice Studio™ In Concert - August 17

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     Thank you for joining us tonight as we celebrate many students of various levels, abilities, and backgrounds from all across the United States of America. As you can see from their bios, we have a diverse group of musicians representing a multitude of institutions and geographic locations, and each one made the conscious commitment to come here and share their gifts tonight.

     As we consider this concert a part of a larger learning experience, I sincerely ask that you help make this a positive environment for these students. For many who have traveled thousands of miles, this is their first time performing as a soloist in New York City. Every individual on this stage earned this opportunity to perform, and a warm welcome for each student as they enter the stage would be very much appreciated.

     I want to thank the many people who contributed to this project. Many individuals gave to our online crowdfunding campaigns—for this, we are all eternally grateful. Thank you, the supportive audience member, for your attendance tonight. I want to thank the singers and pianists who worked tirelessly to prepare for this concert.

     This voice studio began several years ago, and, while I have been affiliated with institutions of higher education, the studio itself serves both university students as well as private students across the country with in-person and Skype voice lessons. Although this concert features students that have an aptitude for classical vocal—or bel canto—technique, this studio is a haven for those seeking to build and strengthen their voice no matter the genre of music. I have helped train folk, singer/songwriters, musical theatre, and rock artists. I am proud to say that students and alumni from this studio have sung in Carnegie Hall, have been featured in Rolling Stone magazine, and have performed from California to Korea.

     You can learn more about the Mitchell Hutchings Voice Studio on our YouTube page at Thanks and please enjoy the concert.




                                                                           Dr. Mitchell Hutchings









The Mitchell Hutchings Voice Studio uses Steinway & Sons pianos exclusively.


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