Working - June 04 - June 05, 2021

Monroe Woodbury High School Drama Club

 A Special Thanks to… 


MWHS Administration 

John S. Kaste, Principal

Michelle Bennis, Assistant Principal

Marisol Jackson, Assistant Principal

Chana Markiewicz, Assistant Principal

Jason McElroy, Assistant Principal

Heath Yarmus, Assistant Principal




Board of Education Members

Staci McCleary, President
Daniel Ezratty, Vice President
Anthony Andersen
Donald Beeler
Michael Ciriello
Suzanne Donahue
Dawn Tauber
Sergey Koyfman 

Emily Wang, Student Representative




Central Office Administration 

Elsie Rodriguez

Superintendent of Schools

Patrick Cahill

Assistant Superintendent for Business and Management Services

Eric Hassler, Ed. D

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Matthew Kravatz

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Bhargav Vyas

Assistant Superintendent for Compliance and Information System

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