Christmas In Hell - December 08 - January 01, 2023

Mostly Musicals LLC


Crew Members  
Book, Music & Lyrics  
Gary Apple  
Director & Choreographer  
Lorna Ventura  
Musical Director  
Illana Atkins  
Musical Arrangements  
Logan Medland  
Assistant Choreographer  
Jessica Jourdan  
Stage Manager  
Kat Meister*  
Stop Motion Artist & Video Sets  
Anna Cissa Pinto  
Costume Supervisor  
Gwyn Lloyd-Hughes  
Assistant Costume Supervisor  
Tyler Simpson  
Orlando "Paco" Santos  
Lighting Designer  
Cole Becker  
Visuals & Sound Designer  
Eric Paprotny  
Props and Wardrobe Supervisor  
Jojo Moore  
Venue Manager  
Chris Racine  
Michael Vezo for Mostly Musicals, LLC  

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